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“Every building project starts with a plan—this positions architects to lead the way in solving the key building challenges.”



01 The Challenges

Navigating a Radically Changing World

Today's architects designing high-quality, high-performance buildings face many new complex challenges dictated by having buildings affected by natural disaster caused by  climate change, a need for energy efficiency, attention to eco-friendly and sustainability, and continued resistance in the building trades to product and process innovation. 

As you strive to give life to a design vision while meeting the needs and expectations of your clients, architects must contend with a variety of challenges including: 

  • Evolving regulatory requirements & restrictions 
  • Antiquated building processes 
  • Material and labor shortages 
  • Climate change-related safety and insurance concerns 
  • Growing demand for eco-friendly and energy-efficient buildings 

The fact that an architect's dilemma is a balancing act between great design, cost, materials, builders challenges, and a successful outcome has never been more apparent. It requires architects to be thoughtful in designing decisions and how to best use their palette of  building materials.

02 Success Outcomes

Key Drivers for Architect Success

Architects can now design with building materials that drive ingenuity and innovation and deliver real change while being readily available.  

Architects can create solutions that enable builders to build best-in-class high-performance buildings while still maximizing their bottom line.  

Architects can now design buildings with disaster resistance using innovative interior and exterior sheathing and floor/roof underlayment boards/panels that provide fire, water, storm, earthquake, and impact protection.  

03 The Solution

NEXGEN MgO Boards and SIPs

NEXGEN supplies architects and their builders with innovative MgO building materials that put health, safety, the environment, economics, and sustainability at the forefront. We help our architects guide their builders in modernizing their building process to create high-performance buildings that are better for the planet and the people who use them. 

Our MgO products are not only fire, water, mold, storm, insect/pest, and earthquake resistant; they are non-toxic, carbon-friendly, require fewer and potentially less skilled trades to install, and are readily available for order. 

Architects can use NEXGEN MgO boards to design custom fire, sound, and strength-rated assemblies that outperform assemblies that solely rely on traditional building materials. Additionally, manufactured Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) built with NEXGEN MgO boards dramatically accelerate build times  and also reduce labor costs by 55% when compared to conventional building materials and processes. 

04 NEXGEN Certification

The Industry's Best MgO Test Data and Certifications

 Not all MgO products are equal. The best test data and certifications back NEXGEN products!  

05 Real World Examples

Builders Love NEXGEN MgO Boards

MgO board has been used worldwide in residential builds as a direct replacement for plywood and OSB for exterior sheathing and subflooring panels, interior and exterior gypsum panels, fiber cement subfloor, and tile backer panels. In the United States, NEXGEN MgO boards and MgO SIPs have passed code in counties with some of the highest standards in code enforcement.

06 FAQS and Objections

FAQ Sub Title

You will always have questions when investigating a new innovative building material like NEXGEN MgO boards.  Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions from Home Builders. 

What are the downsides of MgO?

MgO is a high-performance building material that has a plethora of advantages; however, some aspects might be considered "downsides," such as how MgO boards are heavier and use stainless steel fasteners when compared to plywood and drywall. Despite these differences, the three materials have the same installation process. 

Will it cost more to build high performance?

MgO is slightly more expensive than legacy sheeting and underlayment. Still, the savings in construction time, insurance, energy, and maintenance costs can more than compensate for the materials needed to deliver a high-performance building. 

Why haven’t I heard of MgO before?

Building with MgO is nothing new. The Great Wall of China is built with MgO. This material, however, wasn't readily available in the USA until recently. Since most builders haven't had access to this product, there is little public knowledge about MgO and its benefits.

Why should we choose NEXGEN?

We enable our clients to build high-performance homes with materials that yield greater health, safety, long-term financial savings, energy savings, and sustainability. 

07 Take These Next Steps

Your MgO Action Plan

Screenshot 2022-08-26 090712

To experience the benefits of NEXGEN MgO products firsthand, our successful High Performance MgO home builders have used the following 7 Step MgO Action Plan.  

  1. Request MgO samples 
  2. Review MgO Technical and Safety specs
  3. Select a potential building design. 
  4. Schedule a NEXGEN consultation
  5. NEXGEN MgO quote.
  6. Review MgO advantages and logistics with your builder 
  7. First MgO build