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Fire Resistance Showdown: MgO vs. OSB

MgO SIP Home One Week Construction

NEXGEN Insights 

Useful information on how to build with NEXGEN Magnesium Oxide based products, Industry trends, and construction tips and techniques.


Useful videos on how to build with NEXGEN Magnesium Oxide-based products, Industry trends, and construction tips and techniques.

Time Is Money When it Comes to Building

For this project, time was an issue. The client needed an alternative to the ten to twelve weeks it would normally require to construct a thirty-thousand square-foot-building with traditional materials. How does 15 days sound?

Maximizing Outcomes Requires the Right Product

Working on a property with a zero-lot line doesn't have to mean a bigger budget. In this case, using innovative NEXGEN products and processes resulted in less labor, equipment, time on site, and an outcome that exceeded requirements.

Fire Resistance Showdown: MgO vs OSB

For this test, we utilized OSB to build half of a structure and NEXGEN MgO to build the other half, and then we let the fire department set it ablaze. The results? One side burned down, and one side didn't.

Using Innovative Building Materials to Solve Today's Building Challenges

Industry experts forecast commercial building construction spending to continue increasing through 2023. Despite this encouraging news, builders face both old and new challenges that each have the potential to significantly impact their ability to complete projects.

An Effective Way to Reduce Build Times and Labor Costs 

Leveraging a hybrid building process that is based on innovative materials enables builders to reduce build times and labor costs by up to 55%. The MgO panels used on this project required only two on-site lifts and eight installers.

NEXGEN Documents and Certifications  

Useful information on NEXGEN MgO board technical specifications, Installation Information, and MgO Assemblies for various applications.  

Product Overview and Specifications

NEXGEN MAXTERRA Product Overview


NEXGEN Sheathing Application Overview


NEXGEN Floor Underlayment Application Overview


NEXGEN Subflooring Application Overview


NEXGEN MAXTERRA Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


NEXGEN MAXTERRA Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 




Installation Guides

NEXGEN MAXTERRA Technical and Installation Guide


MgO Assemblies

B1073-1a 1 HR Load Bearing Assembly


B1073-1b 1.5 HR Load Bearing Assembly


B1073-1c 2 HR Load Bearing Assembly


B1073-1d 2 HR Fire Wall


Advisory Bulletins

Advisory Bulletin 2 - Certification Overview Information for MgO Building Products


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