NEXGEN MgO Eco-Friendly Features

The construction industry is one of the worlds top polluting industries.  Especially the creation and use of concrete in homes and commercial buildings.

MgO based building materials are an eco-friendly type of cement that is created and cured at low temperatures with very low emissions.

As MgO panels and boards cure, they actually absorb CO2!



Key Eco-Friendly Facts

MgO is Low Polluting

MgO based building materials are manufactured with a low carbon emission process

MgO Absorbs CO2 During Curing

MgO products actually absorbs C02 in the curing process

MgO is Safe in Landfills

When MgO materials end-of-life, they break down in landfills without any ecological impact.

Case Study Summary


Climate change is real, and less polluting building processes and materials must be used  to dramatically reduce emissions.


NEXGEN MgO boards reduce the manufacturing emissions and can be used in eco-friendly construction techniques.


Concrete manufacturing pollution is reduced by using MgO building products instead.  Landfills will be less toxic when MgO materials are disposed of at end-of-life. 


Need clarification?

What are Eco-friendly Building Materials

There are several ways that building materials can be eco-friendly.  The first area is how the material is made.  Magnesium oxide boards are made out of easy-to-obtain inorganic materials that do not leave mining waste or deforestation in the case of wood.  Second, magnesium oxide board is manufactured at eco-friendly low temperatures which is very different from concrete production.  As MgO boards cure they actually absorb carbon dioxide.  At end-of-life, MgO boards can be placed in landfills with minimal effect as there is no toxicity. 

What are Eco-friendly building standards?

The U.S. EPA has an excellent Green Building Standards reference page at this site -

This page highlights the ICC, ANSI, Green Globes from the U.S. Green Building Initiative, and the US Green Building Council LEED rating systems.  

Is MgO board toxic? (hint No)

NEXGEN MgO board is tested to several key standards including ASTM D5116 which identifies that NEXGEN MgO boards contain no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and exceeds the overall requirements of the US Green Buildings Council LEED standard for VOCs. NEXGEN MgO board also exceeds the combustion toxicity protocol developed at the
The University of Pittsburgh, and the requirements for interior finish material as defined by Title of the Building Code of the city of New York. Classification as: Non-Toxic and free of carcinogen, asbestos, and silica

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